Code of Ethics

Welcome to our ethical compass, that guides the way forward for all employees working in the Amara Raja group. Rooted in integrity, accountability, and a shared commitment to ethical conduct, our Code of Ethics embodies the principles that define our way of life. As stewards of trust, we believe in fostering an environment where transparency, respect, and responsibility flourish.

The code of ethics serves as a collective roadmap, empowering individuals to navigate challenges with integrity and uphold the highest professional and personal conduct standards. By adhering to these guiding principles, we cultivate a culture of fairness, trustworthiness, and ethical excellence, laying the foundation for sustained success and a positive impact on the world.

Amara Raja Code of Ethics

Introduction & Administration of Code of Ethics

Message from the Chairman

Over the years we have worked together to build and create opportunities, which have evolved in to the Amara Raja Group of Companies. We are all proud of what we have achieved. In the process of building and nurturing this organization, we have laid down guidelines, rules and regulations that have enabled us to run our organization and our business in a fair, just and ethical manner. Some of these rules and guidelines, which I am referring to, are not always set down in writing, but have been established or perpetuated through practice and example.

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Custodians and Administrators of the Amara Raja Code of Ethics

The Amara Raja Code of Ethics will be governed and administered by a committee appointed by the Chairman. The President Group HR will chair the committee consisting of two other members nominated by the Chairman.

This committee will be the custodian of the Amara Raja Code of Ethics.

Procedure to notify breach of our Code of Ethics

Every employee in the Amara Raja Group of Companies, associates, customers and business partners of the company are free to bring to the notice of the Code of Ethics committee any act or action which in their opinion constitutes a breach of the Code of Ethics. They may do so by either writing a letter, a message on the e-mail addresses of the committee members or meet / telephone any one of them in person with the details and evidence in support of their complaint or apprehension.

The committee will evaluate and act on any complaint brought to their notice if in their opinion they are convinced that the matter has to be investigated. They will protect and keep confidential the identity of the complainants or aggrieved persons. Similarly, complainants must carefully evaluate the ramifications and the impact their complaint may have and should do so after they have adequate proof or firm reason to believe that a breach of the Code of Ethics has taken place.

Investigation into cases reported to the committee

The committee will regularly meet once every quarter and as and when required to evaluate and investigate matters reported to the committee. The frequency of meetings will depend on the gravity of the matters reported. In the event a complaint is not found sustainable or baseless, the committee will notify and advise the complainants accordingly. In the event a complainant is required to testify or place evidence before the Code of Ethics Committee, the same shall be acted upon by the committee.

Reporting findings of investigations and recommended action

The Chairman of the committee will report the outcome and findings of all investigations directly and only to the Chairman. The committee constituted under the Code of Ethics may recommend suitable action and such action will be executed in keeping with the general policies and rules of the Company and appropriate laws that may govern such action or actions.

Powers of the Code of Ethics committee

The Code of Ethics Committee is empowered to

  • Conduct an enquiry in a manner they deem fit.
  • Recommend suspension of an employee(s) involved in the case even before completion of the enquiry if in their opinion their presence on the premises of the Company is detrimental to the investigation or interests of the Company at large.
  • Recommend blacklisting or stoppage of supplies by a vendor, conduct independent quality tests, and interrogate or seek information and clarification from other employees and non-employees and business and non-business associates of the Company.
  • In case of a serious breach of the Code of Ethics recommend termination of a guilty employee (s) or any other appropriate sanctions or punishment and censure it deems fit.
  • Recommend review, amendments or temporary suspension of an existing business / company policy, practice or system prevalent / being practiced in the Company.
  • Any other action they deem fit under the circumstances.

Re-constitution of the Committee

The committee will be re-constituted as and when there are changes to the existing committee and the members will be nominated by the Chairman.

Review of the contents and scope of the Code of ethics

This is a document that is dynamic and will therefore undergo changes, amendments and additions depending on the circumstances and the need of the hour. Different subjects, examples and illustrations will be added on from time to time. This is not an exhaustively illustrated document.

The Amara Raja Code of Ethics Committee

Chairman of the committee

Mr. Jaikrishna B

President, Group HR


1-18-1/AMR/NR, Nanakramguda Gachibowli,
Hyderabad – 500 032. India.

91-40-2313 9360

Members of the committee

Mr. Vijayanand S

President – New Energy Business, ARE&M


1-18-1/AMR/NR, Nanakramguda Gachibowli,
Hyderabad – 500 032. India.

91-40-2313 9220

Dr. Ramadevi Gourineni

Director - Galla Foods, Amara Raja Infra, and Amara Raja Electronics

Karakambadi, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.

91–877–2265 000

Undertaking of the Code of Ethics Committee

It is indeed an honor and our privilege to hold office on the Amara Raja Code of Ethics Committee.

We hereby pledge to uphold the integrity and prestige of the Amara Raja Code of Ethics and in doing so strive to keep our organisation, our relationships and our actions clean and above board at all times.

The Ethics Committee will provide the lead and clarifications as and when they are solicited. The role the committee is expected to play is not reactive in nature. It is a proactive body set up to provide advice, clarity and assistance to those actively involved and entrusted with the responsibility of implementing, practicing and monitoring the Code of Ethics. Every employee, and especially the Heads of Department are directly responsible to ensure that the Code of Ethics is followed in letter and spirit at all times.

The Code of Ethics document is not a rulebook.

The Code of Ethics does not supercede or replace the rules and Laws of the Land constituted by the government of our country. The Code of ethics cannot and has no intention of guiding our actions, which may in any way contravene or contradict the laws of our country and international laws our country chooses to recognize.

It is a reference document which provides the guiding principles and some illustrative examples to amplify or clarify a point. It is therefore a “conscience-keeper” document. It is a very dynamic document that will undergo changes and amendments as required from time to time to keep it tune with the changing times, circumstances and environments in which we live and work.

The Amara Raja employee is an employee of the company twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, the scope of the applicability of the Code of ethics is not confined to all of us only during working hours. It crosses and goes beyond this boundary. Our actions at work or at home and in society in general should be above board. We must adhere to and respect the norms and mores set down by our society irrespective of what caste creed color or religion we choose to follow as individuals. We must assure at all times that our professional and personal values are not on a collision path.

We seek your support and trust in enabling us to dispense our responsibilities under the Code of Ethics.

Please read this document carefully word for word. Thereafter, we would appreciate if you sign and return the undertaking attached herewith on the last page as a token of your acceptance and commitment to the Code of Ethics.

Jaikrishna B

Vijayanand S

Dr. Ramadevi Gourineni