About Us

Through our engaged employees, empowered teams and collaborative leadership we are in a constant endeavour of making things better for the Environment, Society, Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Shareholders. We take pride in fostering an inspiring workplace with values that help each of us in becoming better individuals.

Founded by Dr Ramachandra N Galla, The Amara Raja Group is USD 1.75 Billion conglomerate with 6 companies, operating 17 businesses and anchored by a workforce of 16,000+ people.

Today, we stand as a multifaceted force, driving global energy solutions, building structures of unparalleled toughness, catalysing innovation across industries, bringing you the most refreshing experience with our juices and curating captivating entertainment content. Our unwavering commitment leaves a lasting mark on individuals and businesses, creating a meaningful and enduring influence.

The Amara Raja Way®

The Amara Raja Way® personifies our unique culture, behavior, and attitudes that define Core Purpose, Values, and Vision as a diverse yet cohesive group. Reflected by nature’s five elements and their significance, our values lay our foundation to confront challenges, embrace opportunities and evolve with the spirit of times as we scale new peaks and find better ways to contribute to the society.

It disseminates over three decades of learning into Amara Raja’s march towards progress and prosperity constantly believing that the community, the people, and the environment are the foremost stakeholders.

Experience The Amara Raja Way®

Core Purpose

To transform our increasing spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities to more people…
all the time.

Core Values



Innovation to us is proactively rebelling for better ways of doing things leading to newer possibilities.



Excellence to us is continually enhancing our performance to consistently produce outstanding results with lasting impact.



Entrepreneurship to us is leading with courage and conviction to convert gaps into opportunities, create wealth and contribute to growth.



Experiences to us are what we create for our stakeholders which make them feel part of something special, leading to endearing relationships.



Responsibility to us is the total ownership of our thoughts and actions in every situation to achieve maximum common good in the best interest of Environment, Society, Customer, Supplier, Employee and Shareholders.

Amara Raja is a symphony of diverse elements coming together and moving forward in perfect harmony. These five Elements come together as a swirling mass to form a dynamic circle of unparalleled energy. The new form of energy is a reflection of Amara Raja, an emblem of everything that defines
– The Amara Raja Way®

Group Vision

Through The Amara Raja Way®, We will continually redefine business to Deliver High Social Impact by Anticipating Future Trends, Building Preferred Brands and Leveraging Talent & Technology.


It was in the year 1985 that Amara Raja made its humble beginning. Our Founder Chairman Dr Ramachandra N Galla returned from the USA with the expressed purpose of making a difference by ushering development in his homeland at Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. He firmly believed that apart from business objectives, entrepreneurs had an underlying responsibility towards empowering people and advancing social goals. The first manufacturing facility and office were established in a remote village Karakambadi, 12 kms from the holy town of Tirupati. The Amara Raja Group has now expanded to a large conglomerate touching millions of lives....

Amara Raja Group


Amara Raja Group Companies’ extensive network provides seamless service in India and in 50+ countries, with products and services spanning a wide range of industries.