Amara Raja Group showcases CSR and Community Development Activities

Chittoor, 19th December 2017: On the occasion of 20 years of its successful joint venture with Johnson Controls, Amara Raja Group today showcased its CSR and community development activities in Chittoor district. Dr. R. N. Galla, Chairman and Jaydev Galla, Vice Chairman, Amara Raja Group and Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls Mr. George R Oliver and his 10-member team were present during the event.

The visiting dignitaries also interacted with the students of school run by Amara Raja Group and Amara Raja Skill Development Centre in Petamitta village during a special engagement program.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr R. N. Galla said, “Community development has always been an important focus area for Amara Raja Group. We believe in promoting sustainable communities, which offer equal opportunities to everyone. We are happy to share that students who have passed from these centers are not only trained in various trade crafts, but are also disciplined and are hardworking citizens with a vision for their nation.”

Interacting with the students from the School and the Skill Development Centre, Mr. Oliver spoke about the importance of education and right skill training for the future development and growth.

Appreciating the efforts made by Amara Raja Group, he said, “These are noble endeavors. We all should be responsible to the society and the community we come from. We all owe it to our next generations and am sure the activities undertaken by Amara Raja will help create a progressive and sustainable society.”

The first Amara Raja Skill Development Centre was started in 2014 at Petamitta and it recently held its third convocation where 83 students were trained as Multi Skill Technicians. The programs run by the centre focuses not only on technical skills, but also lays its emphasis on making the students better team players and good and disciplined citizens.

To fulfill this aim, the programs focus on sports activities like football, volleyball, basketball, chess, yoga and various physical and mental capability-building exercises. The course was designed taking into consideration the background, qualifications of the rural youth and requirements of the industry and offers an 18 months course without any fee.

The CSR and community development activities have been undertaken by Amara Raja Group in Karakambadi, Petamitta, Rangampeta and Diguvamagham in the Chittoor district under the aegis of Rajanna Trust and Mangamma and Gangulu Naidu Trust. Dr. R. N Galla is the Managing Trustee of the Rajanna Trust, which was set up in 1999.

The CSR activities undertaken by the Company have brought in positive developments in the areas of village development and infrastructure, education and environment. These trusts also strive to ensure fair and equitable participation of rural households in national development. To achieve their objectives, the Trusts focus on giving equal access to every person in the community in terms of healthcare, quality education, skills development training, employment, equal remuneration and safety.

Moving forward in line with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Amara Raja Group is committed to developing skilled resources that would contribute to the development of the country and, in turn, give the rural youth an opportunity to channelize their talent.

Major activities undertaken by Amara Raja for community development in Chittoor district 

Employment Generation

  • 14,000 + Direct Employment
  • 16,000+ Indirect Employment
  • 80% from rural background
  • 90% of workforce are first time employees
  • 24% (~ 3072) – SC/ST community

Village Development and Infrastructure:

  • Representing the Amara Raja Group, the Rajanna Trust & Mangamma and Gangulu Naidu Trust have undertaken major initiatives for the development of the surrounding villages that include construction of roads, rainwater storage tanks and supply channels, among others.
  • Deprived of communication facilities, these villages were equipped with access to the Internet and related communications, which enabled them to connect with the world.
  • The Rajanna Trust & Mangamma and Gangulu Naidu Trust constructed buildings for a bank and telephone exchange in Diguvamagham and Petamitta villages.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • To help farmers of the region ensure better cultivation, Rajanna Trust has constructed around 23 check dams and deepened six existing lakes, ponds and other water bodies.
  • This has helped boost groundwater levels in the area, leading to increased availability of water for irrigation.
  • Thousands of acres were brought under irrigation and farmers across 50 villages of Chittoor District benefited by the program.

Help to Farmers

  • Introduction of modern farming technologies,
  • Information on use of fertilizers and pesticides, harvesting techniques as well as transport and storage of agricultural produce.
  • The Trust has spent Rs.375.48 lakh for these activities.


  • The Company has constructed two schools and one college to provide quality education to children from these villages.
  • Taking this initiative further, Rajanna Trust proposed (to the Andhra Pradesh and Central Governments) creation of a world-class skills development facility with global standards to train and empower rural youth.
  • Hundred acres of land has already been acquired for this ambitious project and the work for this is in progress.
  • The Group provides primary schooling facilities for the children of its employees.
  • The Group also provides employees with facilities in the form of free memberships to education enhancement trusts and organizations such as the library for employees on site, the Rajanna Trust for Intellectual Enhancement, the Krishna Deva Raya Trust and Cultural Association, Vinayashramam, Thapovanam and the Rashtriya Seva Samithi.
  • Besides these, Rajanna Trust has supported Government Colleges at Pakala and Chandragiri as well as Degree Colleges at Chittoor, Tirupati, in terms of infrastructure.
  • 3 schools & 1 Junior College (Pre-Primary till Grade 12)
  • 3500 students
  • Skill Development center

Drinking Water

  • Lack of drinking water was another major problem the locals faced. In collaboration with the State Government, the Trusts constructed overhead tanks for clear supply of clean drinking water to everyone.
  • Purified drinking water to Diguvamagham and Petamitta Villages is now being supplied via overhead tanks. The Trusts have also supplied 100 power looms for flood-affected areas in Andhra and contributed to the improvement of environmental sanitation in Thippanagunta Village, Krishna District in AP. The Trusts have spent Rs37.23 lakh for these projects.


  • The Chittoor District Collector allotted 222 acres of barren hillock at Pemmugutta, spread over three villages near Petamitta, to Rajanna Trust & District Social Forest Officer (Social Forestry) to undertake a Social Forestry Program and develop a model project of Soil Conservation and Vegetative regeneration.
  • Under this program, the Trust will plant 50,000 saplings over a period of five years. Last year, around 36,000 saplings of various species were planted. Such forest cover also provides shelter to tribal families who live off forest produce.


  • The Trusts have coordinated the opening of two hospitals