Title of Role

Deputy Manager/Asst.Manager- Planning & QS,Amara Raja Infra Pvt. Ltd.

Work Experience
7-12 Years


1. Responsible for arranging all civil material as per project schedules.
2. Responsible for calculating rate analysis for new items.
3. Responsible for coordinating with design team to get the details on time.
4. Responsible for releasing POs as per schedules and co-ordinating purchase team.
5. Responsible for material delivery on time at site.
6. Responsible for vendor negations along with purchase.
7. Responsible for reconciliation of material(major).
8. Follow up on CIP initiative.
9. Responsible for drafting of technical specs in consultation with Design and Architects.
10. Responsible for monitoring project schedules with base line schedule and planning material procurement.
11. Responsible for preparation of weekly and monthly MIS reports
12. Responsible for preparation of MOMs and other Project related Documentation.
13. Responsible for predation of Variation orders and related rate analysis.

Key Skills

1. Knowledge in civil construction and measurement techniques.
2. Knowledge on material and its rates.
3. Knowledge in IS codes and standards for construction material. 4.Experience in Execution
5. Knowledge in MEP services
6. To draft specifications for new items 

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