Title of Role

Deputy/Asst. Engineer-Safety,Amara Raja Infra Pvt. Ltd.

Work Experience
3-8 Years
Diploma-Technical(Fire Safety)/Any, Any UG with hands on exp


1.To monitor the compliance to safety controls (work permit system, PPE usage,etc)  in the construction sites and ensure adherence to the requirements
2.To study the PPE effectivenss at regular intervals and identify the superior ones where necessary
3. To conduct the Mock drills to ensure the system is active.
4. To Conduct Safety Audits and to take corrections on the outcome of the Audit.
5.To train personnel on fire and Safety related issues.
6.To Meet the legal requirements as laid down by the authorities.
7.Maintaining safety performance records.
8. Investigate accidents & to take corrective and preventve actions on it.

Key Skills

Knowledge on  - Work place safety requirements;  Infra related safety requirements;  PPE; OHSAS and legal requirements
Technical/Functional skills:  Hazard Indetificationa and risk assessment, Incident investigation.

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