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A Collaborative work culture, invigorating work environment, cross functional learning opportunities, nurturing mentors and leaders, social responsibility activities, and beyond all, a larger core purpose. There are many inspiring reasons to seek a career at
Amara Raja.

our Employee value proposition


Let's be a part of a visionary organization with a great purpose, values and culture;
with endless opportunities for learning, growing, collaborating, leading and transforming.

Amara Raja Talent Management Model

Amara Raja's Talent Management Model is a continuously improving cycle that we have designed to meet the changing business and people needs, that paves way for outstanding results

Enhancing Capabilities

Elevating potential and inspiring growth

  • Living The Amara Raja Way® Programme

  • Competency Development

  • Systems Training

  • Leadership Development Programme

  • Management Development Programme

  • Managerial Development Programme

  • Supervisory Development Programme

  • Quality of Work Life Programme

Our Culture

What We Live By

The five values of Amara Raja are represented by the five colours, which symbolizes the five elements of nature and the mind state required for each value. We enjoy living our culture The Amara Raja Way®

Our Values

Innovation – Excellence- Entrepreneurship- Experiences – Responsibility

  • Burgundy symbolizes Innovation which, like the vastness of Space, provides us limitless scope to transcend boundaries.
  • Magenta denotes Excellence which, like the strength of Wind, lifts and drives our ceaseless pursuits.
  • Orange stands for Entrepreneurship which, like the energy of Fire, fuels our creativity.
  • Blue signifies indelible Experiences we create which, like the serene and deep Water, engulf all our stakeholders.
  • Green indicates our sense of Responsibility which, like the nurturing Earth, guides us in all we do.

These five colours come together as a swirling mass to form a dynamic circle of unparalleled energy. This new form of energy is a reflection of Amara Raja, an emblem of everything that defines – The Amara Raja Way®

Connect between our experiences, values and behaviours.

In life, all of us undergo many experiences. Based on these experiences, we form certain beliefs. The beliefs lead us to form a purpose for our life. This becomes the purpose of our existence. The purpose and our beliefs get ingrained in us as our values. Driven by the values, we set ourselves a compelling vision. For this vision to be realized there are some fundamental attitudes that we must possess. These attitudes are demonstrated in our daily life as behaviours.

Celebrating Life

Work, play, and contribute.

  • Sports Activities

  • Foundation Day

  • Women's Day

  • Family Day

  • Employee Volunteerism

Leader Speak

A view from some of our leaders

Vijayanand S

President - New Energy Business, Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited

Being part of this organization for the last 20 years, I grew up along with the organization, observing our chairman and other senior colleagues. This helped me in co-creating and imbibing the core values. I have been given the opportunity to travel around the world, I have very closely worked with our collaborators, I have got the opportunity to work with the senior colleagues who have come from the different background with varied experience. I have learned a lot from them. Biggest learning comes from observing our chairman. Jay is a source of learning on positive rebellion and innovative thinking.

Vijay Naidu G

Ex-President, Group CI, Quality & HSE

Chairman's offer to join this organization when I was fresh out of college was definitely a significant turning point in my life. After joining in Amara Raja, I had numerous opportunities to learn and grow as an individual and a leader. I also had a chance for hands-on training in battery technology in the US which gave me the essential knowledge and confidence for my career growth and also to lead my team.

Ramana Prasad Alam

President - Group Strategy & Corporate Planning.

The comprehensive experience I gained in the organization resulted in highly convergent and contiguous line between what I believe and what our organization believes. One of the reasons why I have been a part of Amara Raja for so long is the scope of learning. Many of my ex-colleagues call me and say that one thing that they miss about Amara Raja is the learning opportunities. This reconfirms what I think about this organization. You have to first know what you do not know, and the next step is to continue trying to be “AT IT”. Learning through observation, reflection and internalization is my methodology.

Narasimhulu Naidu C

Chief Operations officer, Amara Raja Infra Pvt Ltd

I joined Amara Raja Group in 1995 as an Engineer - Operations. The environment and the way we conduct the business is the driving force behind me to commit and align with the core organization values. I always believe that Amara Raja is an organization that provides equal opportunities for all the employees to learn and grow. I reflect myself and proactively seek for 360-degree feedback from all the stakeholders to shape up my leadership behavior and career.

Employee Stories

Stories from the larger Amara Raja family members


House Keeping - Chamber Maid

I've been working with Amara Raja since its inception in 1985. I've been awarded the 'Long Service Award' and also the 'Best Operator Award'. The company has always cared for its employees and their welfare and provided us with all the facilities. I'm a mother of three children and have faced many personal obstacles. The Chairman has supported me immensely during this phase and provided accommodation on company premises. Amara Raja has also supported my daughter's education through Krishna Devaraya Education & Cultural Association (KECA).

Dharish Babu Naidu

AGM - Application Engineering

Since the inception of my career in 2006 as a fresher, the company has given enormous opportunities to learn and grow consistently. The leadership of the Amara Raja Group believes in employee capabilities and gives freedom to innovate without confinement. I am fortunate to be a part of Amara Raja which is known for innovation, high customer satisfaction, and social responsibility.


Laundry - Industrial Services

I dropped out of education after my 10th standard due to personal problems. I have been a part of the Amara Raja family for over 21 years and have been awarded the 'Best Suggestion Award'. I'm never bored with my job and every day is a new experience. My husband works here too as a Sr, Operator. At Amara Raja, everyone is treated equally and every employee is considered as an asset. I'm really happy to be a part of this family.

Chandra Babu D

Dy. Manager – CI & Lean

Amara Raja nurtured me to exhibit my potential and provisioned multitude of opportunities to learn and grow professionally. It recognized my efforts and promoted me to higher ranks. Amara Raja has created a culture of empowering its employee to transcend his/her career. Being a part of a group which transforms rural lives is a great feeling with immense satisfaction.


Officer - Finance & Accounts

Amara Raja is an organization that is concerned about the welfare, safety & security of its employees. The organization looks out for each and every employee under its banner. I've been given the chance to grow substantially and acquire the knowledge that is required for the development of my career. Everyone here has the freedom to express their ideas and share their knowledge and everyone here has mutual care and respect for each other.

Faizan Aziz Siddiqui

Retail Manager – Marketing

The Amara Raja Group has attracted a diversified team of skilled individuals who are highly motivated and share Amara Raja Group core purpose and values. I am extremely honored to work with these very qualified people and amazed at the skill level of the personnel from top to bottom in the corporation. I have great pleasure in working with my colleagues, who are not only very knowledgeable but more than willing to share that knowledge.


AGM - CI & Lean

I feel it’s great to be a part of Amara Raja as the systems deployed and focus of management in developing employees and building capabilities is really very unique. Specially, the management is always encourage women employees to take up higher responsibilities at different levels.

I enjoy working here by developing and nurturing good relations with my colleagues and by following excellent systems. It's a great opportunity for me to learn many things during my day to day activities and created many positive experiences as a person and also in the family.

Karthick Murthy

Asst. Manager - QS

The Amara Raja Group has developed an excellent team spirit and an attractive corporate culture, including a personalized approach, which has played a key role in not only my satisfaction but that of my associates as well. I have the opportunity to express my views, which are respected and help bring new ideas to the agenda for growing the organization.

Hanuman Kantamani. N.S

Field HR Manager

At the Amara Raja Group, every team member plays a valuable role in delivering excellent, ontime solutions to our customers. We embrace the Amara Raja Core purpose, Values, and Vision and realize they lead to a caring, committed, and driven team. We nurture a positive "can do" attitude and willingness to think outside the box as these skills will render innovative solutions

Satya Shoba

Manager Quality, QMS, CI & Lean

Joined Amara Raja in 1999 and it has given me an opportunity of learning and applying skills in the given job. I worked for 7 years in ARPSL and got promoted to AREL as a Supervisor in 2007. In a Women empowered company, a leading role is a golden opportunity to enhance my career. Proud & immensely satisfied to be associated with the Amara Raja family.

Srujan. P

Sr. Engineer - PPC & CAD Control

Amara Raja is a great place to work as it has given me a lot of development opportunities in a friendly environment. I get tremendous support from my peers and our senior management is very supportive and ensures that the teams are always happy and motivated. I feel very proud for being a part of the group, which has a strong community presence.

People Demographics

  • 30yrs

    Average Employee Age

  • 92.29%

    Employee Retention

  • 84.59 %

    Rural Population

  • 15.41 %

    Urban Population

HR Awards

Recognition for people, systems & processes

  • 9th Employer Branding Awards "Best Employer Award" for 2014-15 from Employer Branding Institute India.

  • "THE GOLDEN GLOBE TIGERS AWARD 2015" for Excellence & Leadership in Training & Development

  • "5th Annual Greentech HR Award 2015" in Gold Category, for Best Strategy in HR and Technology Excellence in HR.

  • CII Award in HR Excellence

  • Global HR Excellence awards for companies with 'Best Practices in Employee Relations' and with 'Best Talent Management Practices'

  • Winner at CII - First National HR Circle Competition under the category of "Most Effective Recruitment, Engagement & Innovative Retention Strategy"

  • Amara Raja Group is featured by Forbes in World's Best Employers for 2020 list and ranked 316 globally.
    By surveying 160,000 part time and full-time workers from 58 countries and working for operations in business with operations in multiple nations or regions Forbes announced the list - Oct 2020.

  • Winner at CII - First National HR Circle Competition under the category of "Most Effective Recruitment, Engagement & Innovative Retention Strategy"
    IDCInd for excellence in digital transformation (Dx) efforts - Oct 2020

  • Harvard Business School Publishing has recently listed our Amara Raja group case study on HRM practices with the title "The Amara Raja Group Building HRM Capabilities" which was developed by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad - September 2020.