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As the first company to be established in Amara Raja group in the year 1984, Amara Raja Power Systems Limited, an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company has been recognized as one of the largest manufacturer of power control equipment’s and power project developers in India with a reputation for trustworthiness and with reliable power electronic products gives maximum value to the consumer.

ARPSL is well known as an organization pioneer in designing Power projects and manufacturing of Power Electronics, Electrical Transmission and Distribution Panels supplied in India and to the other parts of the world ranging from Africa and Middle East to south East Asia.

A significant achievement of ARPSL is the installation of SMPS based Integrated Power Supply for S&T applications for Indian Railways and receiving RDSO approval in 2000 for this system. Since then ARPSL has been the preferred supplier of IPS.


The products in ARPSL are manufactured under strict guidelines in a fully integrated state-of-art manufacturing and testing facility that every product is subjected to compliance with National and international standards. ARPSL is specialized in manufacturing and delivering power conversion & power control products for critical applications across various sectors like Railways and a host of other industries. The pioneering spirit and propensity has propelled APRSL to the status of a market leader.

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ARPSL provides complete EPC solutions for turnkey electrical projects having significant experience in various state Power Transmission utilities in India. Our expertise is in handling projects for EHV / HV / & LT Transmission & Distribution substations and lines up to 400 KV, SCADA DMS & SMART CITY. The team is well equipped on how to deal with all kinds of challenges in the construction of indoor and outdoor Substations for various heavy industry sectors like Oil & Gas, Railways, Renewable energy, and others irrespective of site conditions. Project managers take up the entire responsibility for all phases involved in a turnkey, Semi-turnkey substation, from engineering to commissioning. ARPSL reliably delivers optimized and economic applications and avail local resources and custom made solutions for our customers.

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