September 2, 2018

Amara Raja Group Committed to Serve

Assisted in relief operations across the country every time as a responsible Corporate Citizen 

Donates 1 Crore to Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh to assist the State in Cyclone ‘Titli’ relief operations

October 25, 2018: As a responsible corporate citizen, Amara Raja Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates, has always been at the forefront to contribute and extend its assistance in every way, whenever there has been a calamity facing the nation. The corporate Group, adhering to one its core value of “Responsibility”, has left no stone unturned when it came to helping people tide over through some of the gravest national disasters.

Mr. Jayadev Galla, Vice Chairman, Amara Raja Group & Member of Parliament, Loksabha, commented, “We have always been committed to serve the society and therefore social development and contributions were started by Amara Raja much before CSR contributions were mandatory in the country. From community relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters to education opportunities, skill development, health and wellness programs for the needy, we have always been responsible. Responsibility is one of Amara Raja Group’s five core values and part of “The Amara Raja Way”R.  Our employees consistently volunteer in these endeavours and have actively participated in arranging and distributing relief materials and rehabilitation kits in disaster torn states, be it Srinagar Floods in 2014, Hudhud cyclone at Vishakhapatnam in 2014, Chennai floods in 2015, Kerala floods 2018 and now ‘Titli’ Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha amongst others. Large sections of our employees even came forward and donated their one day’s salary during such trying times. In the 2014 J&K floods when the valley was severely affected, we swiftly deployed several emergency mobile charging stations which people could use to charge their phones and stay connected with their near and dear ones. Similarly, after the Hudhud Cyclone floods in Andhra Pradesh , Amara Raja not only sent emergency charging mobile stations, but also relief materials such as rice, clothes etc. During the floods in Chennai, Amara Raja sent more than 50 charging stations, food supplies like rice, clothes etc. In the recent worst ever floods in Kerala, we deployed 150 emergency mobile charging stations, dispatched 1500 rehabilitation kits containing various household items, ran free ‘Amaron’ and ‘Powerzone’ battery service campaigns, around 150 telecom towers were attended to ensure seamless communication, batteries which form critical part of Signalling and telecommunication network of Cochin Metro were quickly restored. We further met the Kerala Chief Minister and donated INR 1 Crore to the Kerala CM Relief fund. With the ‘Titli’ Cyclone that hit Srikakulam, with the same vigour, we speedily moved into action and are continuing to assist the State in the relief operations.

Amara Raja Group employees were immensely involved in the assistance of relief operations at Srikakulam. Amara Raja had sent relief materials including that of Wood cutting power saws investing around 3 lakhs, to remove the fallen trees from roads and other dwellings and help the region recover fast. When the cyclone was hit at Srikakulam, communication was disrupted and many people were displaced severely. In such situations, the most disturbing thing for people is their inability to stay connected with their family and friends. Reckoning the situation, Amara Raja swiftly deployed ‘Emergency mobile charging stations’ at various locations in Srikakulam. By now, Amara Raja have deployed over 100 Emergency Mobile Charging Stations investing around 16 lakhs, to cyclone affected areas at Srikakulam which has been a great boon for the people to stay connected. Amara Raja is closely assessing the situation at the ground and are examining other support measures for the State.

Considering the gravity of the situation, Amara Raja has decided to donate to the AP Chief Ministers Relief Fund. Today, Mr Jayadev Galla, Vice Chairman, Amara Raja Group and Member of Parliament, handed over INR 1 Crore cheque to Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu, Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to assist the State in Cyclone ‘Titli’ relief operations.


About Amara Raja Group

Amara Raja is amongst India’s leading business conglomerates with interests spanning verticals from the production of lead acid batteries (AMARON brand), power conversion products, sheet metal products, precision components, electronic products, Infrastructure Development, industrial services to food processing. Amara Raja Group of companies with their flagship company Amara Raja Batteries Ltd, are one of the largest manufacturers of Automotive and Industrial batteries in India. Amara Raja Group employs a work force of over 14000 people with a net revenue of Rs 7,755 crores (USD 1.2 billion) during financial year 2017-18.