Amara Raja launches Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries to revolutionize logistics industry

  • -Amaron Brute to power the forklifts in manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry
  • The product with highest life cycle will fill the exiting gap with its technological superiority
  • Huge positive impact expected in warehousing industry with GST implementation

1st September, 2017, New Delhi/ Tirupati: Going ahead with its values of innovation and offering technologically superior products, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, today introduced Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries, specially designed to cater to the needs and fill the existing gaps for a superior product for Motive Power applications in in manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry.

Designed with the same promise of advanced technology and unmatched customer service standard pursued at Amara Raja, Amaron Brute offers the highest cyclic life, which meets the BS (British Standard) and DIN (Deutsches Institut) specification. It has been designed to electrically operate material handling equipments and similar hauling machines and cranes used by manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry.

During the launch of Amaron Brute, Mr.Srinivas Ganga, Vice President and CMO, Industrial Business Division said,